Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)

Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)
Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)
Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)
Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)
Hornady ELD-X 220 gr .30 cal (100 ct)

The Hornady ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) match grade bullet is technically advanced and optimal for the entire range of distances.
The bullet has the best ballistic characteristics among analogues, accuracy and controlled expansion action at all practical hunting distances.
- the best ballistic coefficient among analogues;
- the Heat Shield tip is resistant to aerodynamic heating and retains its shape throughout the flight, providing the bullet with the best ballistic properties among analogues - which has been proven by practical tests using Doppler radar;
- accurate match-type hunting bullet;
- bullet profile with secant ogive and Boat Tail taper, perfectly concentric AMP jacket and patented Heat Shield polymer nose provide excellent aerodynamics to the bullet;
- the best damaging effect;
- when hitting a target at high speed, corresponding to ranges up to 400 yards / 365 meters, the bullet gradually expands as it moves through the tissue of the target. The increased thickness shell in the tail section and the InterLock ring, which hold the core and shell together, contribute to the preservation of up to 50-60% of the original mass;
- when hitting a target at low speeds, corresponding to ranges over 400 yards / 365 meters, the Heat Shield nose is pressed into the bullet core, initiating expansion;
- when opened, the bullet takes on a mushroom shape and retains up to 85-90% of its original mass, which ensures deep penetration and maximum width of the wound channel.

Weight gr / gram220 / 14,3
Bullet Length, mm41,20
Bullet diameter, inch0,308
BC G10,650
BC G70,325
Recommended Twist Rate1-10"
  • Model: ELD-X 220

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